A drummer's guide to the octatrack

Unlock the performance potential of this powerful machine

Finally there's a book that reduces the learning curve and makes performing with this iconic sampler fun and easy to do.  I'll walk you through topics including practical effects processing, organic looping techniques, creative MIDI implementation, and MORE!  I want to share my professional experience producing and performing live with the Octatrack - including all of the mistakes and missteps - so you can get a running start and get right to making music today.  

THIS GUIDE IS NOT JUST FOR DRUMMERS - even though the performance tutorials are focused on the drums, the lion's share of the material can be applied to any live musician and producer who wants to get a running start using the Octatrack for making music.  

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what's Included

- eBook with set-by-step performance tutorials

- Exclusive access to video demonstrations as well as download links to high quality audio files for the tutorial exercises

- Links to educational materials for production and live sound including creating a great live drum mix  and strategies for live looping